Time Tracking With Bio-Metric System

Nowadays time tracking technique is so valuable for proper management of a business. With this technique monitoring and tracking of employees can be done. For time tracking a new technique named bio metric technique is used in these days. In the starting days a biometric fingerprint system was so expensive due to this only high-tech government sector installation and high-security organizations could afford this system. In past few years price of this device was dropping dramatically. So at this time even small business organizations can afford the expenses of installation of bio metric time tracking system. Presently many firms use attendance management system through this device.

In the biometric system, a physical characteristic of human is used for identification. A finger print scanner is one type of bio metric time tracking system. In the finger print scanner system a biometric device is used to scan the finger print of employee and then that finger print compares with recorded database print. It is known to all that fingerprints are unique to each person so this type of scanner can be used as a security tool as an access control device as well as a tracking tool of employees timings.


Unique Identity

Because this system is based on unique identity process that’s why there are no chances of any type errors in authentication process. In this technique advance biometric software includes named as RSA authentication software, it is used for comparison of the fingerprint with stored in the database. Once system gets match then system record that time into its database. Thus this device can be used as access control system; every organization has certain areas those are not for common person, so this system can be installed there for access those areas.

By installing this system at the entry and exit points of the organization monitoring of employee’s timing can be done easily. In this system there is no chance of cheating that was previously possible in cases of simple badges system. This scanner can be integrated with the payroll software so at the end of month exact salaries can be handed out. With this movements of workers to the other department can be tracked also. For greater security with this system and another type of security system can be planted.